Build a pricing strategy that sells

Keep the recurring payments flowing

Simplify your subscription lifecycle management

Package and price your subscription products and plans rapidly in ways that make sense for your business. Speed to market gives you a competitive advantage.

You and your customers are always evolving. Ensure any updates to your products, pricing, and subscriptions will be automatically reflected in your billing.

Automate the tasks that keep your subscription business running strong, from registrations to renewals. Empower your customers to do more!

Get back the time you need to work on the initiatives that actually grow your business.

What could you do with an extra 40 hours per month and 4% more revenue? The possibilities are endless...

Automate the Repetitive. Focus on the Big Picture.

Seamless integrations to amplify efficiency

  • CRMs including Salesforce and HubSp
  • ERPs and accounting software including NetSuite and QBO
  • RESTful API and webhooks 
  • Payment gateways

Integrate Your Tech Stack with Stax Bill

Built-in and custom dashboards break down subscription performance and empower your team to make the right calls.

Without real-time insights, your team is flying blind. Learn from 40+ built-in reports or build your own to empower marketing, sales, product, leadership, customer service, and more to learn and improve.

Outperform the Competition with Data-Driven Decisions

Empower customers
with self-service

Allow customers to manage their own account and subscription details, including payment information and plan upgrades and adjustments.

Why Choose Stax Bill?

"Fusebill's feature-rich platform has given us a powerful way to seamlessly manage our entire subscription business from billing to account management. Stax Bill is the Swiss Army Knife of billing."

Chris Fowler
Founder & CEO, ClearPathGPS

Build a catalog & pricing strategy that sells

Speed to market gives you a competitive advantage. Package and price your subscription products and plans rapidly in ways that make sense for your business.

Make it your own. Scale without limitations.

Recurring billing in fewer steps

Stax Bill sits right at the intersection of ease-of-use and robust capability. Optimize everything your billing team does without the steep learning curve.

Accept every recurring
payment method

The built-in Stax payment gateway makes it easy for your customers to pay with any method and currency they choose.

Track your assets, liabilities, revenues, and expenses in a way that will make your accountants smile. You can even break down your cash flow by source.

Backed by a
general ledger

Stax Bill’s fully ASC 606-complian revenue recognition module and detailed reporting features make it easy to automate and report on your business’s assets and liabilities.

Accurately track earned
& deferred revenue

Better than the alternatives

The reviews speak for themselves–users love us. Get the flexibility you need to rapidly adjust to your customers’ demands.

Flat pricing. No Overages. Full feature set available in all plans.

Advanced functionalities in an agile, easy-to-use catalog.

A dedicated implementation manager. Fast response time. 

Customer Support



Overage fee of up to 0.9% of your MRR. Key features are held behind higher plans.

Complex UI and inflexible, unintuitive catalog.

Slow and unresponsive support. Implementation 
time of 3-4+ months.

Overage fees of up to 0.75% of your MRR. Key features are held behind higher plans.

Offers only basic capabilities for general advanced settings.

Customer reviews report issues often being left unsolved.


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